Net43 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Net43 is a commercial Internet access provider, and you are welcome to make any kind of legal use of the Net43 Internet service providing you adhere to our AUP and Terms and Conditions. Please make sure that you read this AUP in full.

You must:-

  1. Abide by the policies of any other networks or political domains through which your data may travel.
  2. Respect the conventions of the Internet community.
  3. Not use Net43 service for any illegal activity.
  4. Not intentionally interfere with or harm other users in any way.
  5. Not attempt to break down the system security measures without written permission from Net43.
  6. Not use the Net43 service to send or propagate any form of Spam or other form of volume unsolicited commercial e-mail

We also highly recommend that you do not share your password and other account details with any other persons, as this will protect your privacy, as well as ensure that others do not cause mischief in your name.

Be aware that there are currently many contentious legal issues concerning the Internet, specifically concerning content that some people may find offensive. Because the Internet is an international network, applying a fixed set of laws to it becomes very difficult. What has held the Internet together so far, and helped it to grow, has been a number of customary policies that have no binding legality, but that most people who use the Internet conform to. Unfortunately this kind of free form policy has resulted in large amounts of material being available through the Internet that is offensive to some group or another.

As there are no International laws concerning Internet content, Net43 cannot be held responsible for abiding by them! We make no pretence at monitoring the content of hosted Web site, or email, or Usenet News postings, and will not do any such monitoring. You are free to email, post, or put on your Web site whatever content you wish, subject to adherence to this Acceptable Use Policy and Net43's Terms and Conditions. However, if our attention is brought to any infringement action will be taken against the individual/entity concerned. Which may result in their access to the service being denied and possible prosecution depending upon the circumstances.

Be aware however, that our service is based in England, and England does have certain laws relating to pornography, to which users of the service must abide. We will not monitor our Internet traffic to see that these laws are upheld, but be aware that if Net43 is notified by anyone that some element of content originating at our site is of dubious legality, we will of course report any such lapse to the proper authorities.

Parents should also note that if they allow their children use their Internet account, they themselves are responsible for ensuring that their children do not encounter material that they themselves would not wish their children to see. From your account you can access information from all over the world, and that is a large part of the power and usefulness of the Internet. However, be aware that regulations in some localities elsewhere in the world may be more permissive than those here in the UK! So, with that in mind, please monitor your children's access if you are worried about it. It is possible to obtain Internet applications that you can run on your system that act as filters of objectionable content.

The use of Net43 services are governed by the Net43 Terms and Conditions - copies available on request.

Play by the rules and enjoy your Net43 account!